Automated scholarship and bursary management system

Scholastica utilizes information technology (IT) to automate and enhance the scholarship and bursary management process for organizations in the public and private sectors.

Scalable on Devices.


Our web platforms are responsive. They render accurately and very fast on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Detection of visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

Technology Revolutionized.

Powerful Performance

Technology solutions to revolutionize scholarship and bursary management; making the process more objective, transparent and auditable through Scholastica.



Our scholarship and bursary system allows you create and manage different schemes simultaneously without conflict in schemes.

One stop for everything Scholarships and Bursaries.

The importance of Scholarships and Bursaries and the difference it can make in the lives of students, their families and generations unborn, cannot be over stated.

Scholastica has harmonized the information required for most scholarship applications. This reduces the burden of filling new applications each time there is a scholarship announcement. All you need to do is click apply.

Scholastica also notifies registered candidates on available scholarships and the status of existing applications. This way you can focus on your academics and let us handle your scholarship application.

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Unilag Convocation


Agbami Scholarship

MTN Foundation Scholarship


This is the best IT solution, so far, for the management of scholarships and bursaries

Henry Daniel

This is a very good platform. I got the scholarships that help me through my masters degree on Scholastica

David Oguns.

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